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American Heart Association CPR, First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogen and AED Trainings.

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Check if a AHA First Aid or Ped First Aid will it be a Total course AKA OSHA approved

If you are teaching an online course and would like to request online keys please provide number of keys you need. An invoice will be forwarded to you. Keys will not be released until invoice is paid. Keys are non refundable

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Each student needs a book for every course. If a book is not given to each student AHA completion cards can not be released as per AHA & CPST policies (effective 7-1-2013). Please contact CPST for AHA's library policies for HCP courses conducted at specific locations only.

Please specify number of books you need to purchase or who you purchased your books thru if you ordered books on your own. Put library if you are using libraried books.

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